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Sivan Karim

Not your typical Art.
Not your typical interview.

Issue #1: Sivan Karim

1. Childhood Hero?

I always loved Japanese animation movies.

2. Nickname?

But most of my friends just call me by my name Sivan.

3. Hidden talent?

Fist drum
I can play music with my fist, it kinda sounds like a drum.

4. Favorite Superhero?

I’m not really into superhero movies, but if I had to choose one I guess it would be him

5. Food Obsession?

Mediterranean food
I love the variety of salads especially.1


6. …on your bucket list?

World tour
I would love to see more from the world. I love nature and unusual places.

7. …on your music playlist?

Starboy by The Weeknd
I honestly listen to all kind of music classic to pop …it depends on my mood.

8. Contemporary artist?

James Jean, Henn Kim, Tina Maria Elena …
There are so many I can’t decide.

9. Life advice?

Stand behind your beliefs.
Do your own thing and stay focused.

10. Favorite curse word?

German word for shit.

11. …Trump?

I still hope it’s a nightmare and I wake up from it and can laugh about it, cause it’s so surreal.


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