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Renata Bajko

Not your typical Art.
Not your typical interview.

Issue #10: @renatabajko

1. Nickname?

My friends call me Reni.

2. Food favorite?

I’m addicted to French fries with cheese. 🙂

3. Timeless song?

Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself

4. Inspiration sources?

You, they and me.

5. Perfume?

CKIN2U by Calvin Klein


6. Life moto?

If I can dream it, I can do it. 

7. Contemporary Artists?

Sarah Sze , Donald Robertson and Chiharu Shiota.

8. Useful advice?

Do what you love.

9. …Art is?


10. NYE resolution?

I don’t have but I will do my best to have a great year.

11. #metoo

Very good project. It’s important that we know we’re never alone.


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