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Ramona Russu

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Issue #8: Ramona Russu


1. Nickname?

Licu for family, Ramo for friends.

2. Dream destination?

I am a travel addict so I don’t really have ONE dream destination.

I basically dream of everywhere anytime.

3. Film/book reference?

I’m more of a movie person and it would be “The eternal sunshine of a spotless mind” and on my mainstream side it’s Game of thrones, I know…so average 😅

4. Inspiration sources?

Inspirational sources are so hard to define cause it can be anything, a moment, a person, a state of mind, a glitch in the Matrix 😅

I usually say that I am inspired by life in general and I think that sums it up quite well.

5. Contemporary Artists?

There are so many but what I mostly admire is not necessarily the art but the philosophy of an artist.

I love Karl Lagerfeld not necessarily for what he does but for his attitude towards himself and his work. His ideas on the convergence of arts are also inspiring.

6. On your music playlist?

The Aveners on repeat.

7. Deadly sin?

If I tell you I’ll have to kill you.

8. Life Advice?

No matter where you go, who you meet and how your life evolves try to not forget who you are and what you want and keep on working towards it.

9. Sweetest memory?

Christmas with my family back in Romania when I was a kid.

Lots of magic happening and genuine happiness.

10. Idea of happiness?

If I would know what makes me happy I would be happy all the time.

Unfortunately I don’t think happiness can be defined, it’s spontaneous and unstable.

11. …fairytales?

Magic, fairy dust and all the package, I take it all for breakfast in my pink bubble world.


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