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Art Interviews

Phil Spinelli

Not your typical Art.
Not your typical interview.

Issue #11: @philspinelli


1. Hidden talent?

I have yet to find out.

2. Dream destination?

Living in San Francisco.

3. The music that you put in loop?

Music is my loop

4. A funny memory?

They are not too many and they are not too few, but I do not know what to remember.

5. Sources of inspiration?

Everything around me.

6. Food delicacy?

I’m Italian, it’s hard to answer (ahah)


7. Favourite quote?

‘An uncomfortable submarine on the surface’

(a phrase that I feel belongs and I’ve read in the past but I do not remember where)

8. A lesson learned?

 I’m still learning

9. Artistic dream?

Being able to affirm myself in my sector.

10. Why black and white?

My eyes see black and white. They exist alone and are completed when they are together. These are my two nuances, my way of speaking to the world.

11. …Meaning of Art?

Everything can (not) be art.

It is a world characterised by a predominant subjectivity and changes in the eyes of those who enjoy art.


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