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Not your typical Art.
Not your typical interview.

Issue #4: Monochrome

1. Childhood Hero?

Xena the warrior princess. She was so badass!

2. City Crush?

I have the gut feeling it will be Tokyo. I dream about visiting one day, but I haven´t had the chance yet.

3. Sources of inspiration?

Different ways of looking at things gets me inspired, so more than a source I need to be in the right “mood”.
Looking at photography, listening to music, observing people and sipping a nice cup of coffee can pretty much get me there.

4. One fear?

To be forgotten. Mainstream, but scary.

5. One strength?

Perseverance (or stubbornness haha).


6. Contemporary artists?

McBess, Freak City, Laura Laine, Sean Morris, Cristina Daura, …

7. Superpower of choice?

Setting on fire or exploding things with my mind.

8. Favorite themes?

Nature, dreams, outer space, love.

9. Inspiring life situation?

Every time I have moved to a different city/ country (Valencia, Prague, Helsinki).
They have been “learn-by-force” experiences and definitely that has left a mark in my artwork.

10. Future goals?

Travel the world with my notebook and draw and draw and draw.

11. …Art is?

What is art…
What is love? Baby dont hurt me, no more.

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