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Issue #2: Camille Le Saulnier aka Camissao

1. Nickname?

Cam, otherwise just Camille!

2. Hidden Talent?

I laugh at ANY joke. No matter how bad it is.

3. Night or Day?

Definitely night.

4. On your bucket list?

A lot of travel destinations… And try sustainable tourism.

5. Sources of Inspiration?

Dreams I have (as in while sleeping, not aspirations).
I’ve always liked fantasy and impossible things.

Also, I grew up in the countryside so I was surrounded by nature and we would watch the stars at night a lot so I guess maybe from that.

6. Unforgettable movie?

Melancholia, because of the weird feeling it left me with when I came out of the cinema after watching it.


7. Contemporary Artists?

Lots of them.
I really like Tony Futura, Malika Favre (love her poster for the Montreux Jazz Festival!), Henn Kim, Quentin Monge, Catherine Kim and I could go on.

8. Life Advice?

Do what makes you happy.
Sometimes we pursue things because we think it’s better for us or because we’re being pressured to/we’re worried other people will judge us if we stop/quit.

Just don’t bother about all that, think about what makes you happy and just do it, don’t make yourself miserable for the sake of others and appearances.

9.Weapon of choice?

Christopher Walken’s dancing? (in the video clip for Fatboy Slim-Weapon of choice).
Otherwise my graphic tablet.

10. Guilty pleasure?

… singing to ABBA’s tunes?

11. …kamasutra pose?

The burrito: it’s the one where I wrap myself up in a blanket and tell my boyfriend I’m not in the mood.
More seriously I don’t have any, as long as both people are having a good time!

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