Welcome 🖤

I’m an Artist, Graphic Designer, Curator and Founder of Maison Chloeyeur.

Once upon a bday girl

I love Art that is weird and unusual.
I focus on contemporary minimalist figurative Art that showcase emotion.

It was really hard for me to find this kind of Art online so I decided to create my own page as a bday gift to myself back in March 2016.

I also love poetry so I added some words in between the Art posts to create 3-part stories:
Art + Words + Art
Maison Chloeyeur was born.

What I’m about

My main focus is discovering and promoting Artists from all over the World, specially the underground and uprising.

Nothing is more satisfying to me than discovering an amazing Artist/Art piece and sharing it with the World (hence the Voyeurism reference).

I’m all about giving the Artist credit.
If you share Art from my page please credit the Artists!

The Shop

Besides my own creations, you can find Exclusive Collections in collaboration with selected Artists.

All products are exclusive and you won’t find them anywhere else! Some items are numbered limited editions of 50.

Please check Return Policy before placing your order.

Art Interviews

Also, check out the Art Interviews section to discover more about your favorite Artists! It’s all a bit weird and unusual too.

Enjoy your stay!