About Me

Hi everyone I’m an Artist, Film Producer, Curator and Founder of Maison Chloeyeur 🙂

This project started as a “just for fun” hobby of mine while going through rough times in my life.
It was also a way to find and promote amazing Artists on a specific kind of Art I wasn’t finding abundantly on Instagram.

I love storytelling due to my background in studying Film, and I found it very therapeutical to create “mini stories” on my feed (Art + Words + Art), as a way to send out positive messages while promoting the Art I Love.

Little did I know so many people would relate to this type of Art and to the messages behind the mini stories I create!

I genuinely Love you all 


About The Shop

I’m seriously concerned about saving our Planet!

My Shop is 100% organic, ethical and 100% polyester free.

I’m working with sweatshop-free brands only, that respect fair-compensation for the workers, use no child labour and are eco conscious. 

For the Collections I collaborate with amazing Artists to create Exclusive pieces (limited editions of 50) that look and are truly unique!

With every purchase you’ll be helping the Planet and also independent Artists from all over the World!


About The Community

I’m about real human connections in a digital World.
I still believe small gestures can change the World and I try to apply this philosophy in all of my projects!

 On my weekly Instagram Challenges I promote positivity, inclusiveness and empathy. Join us 🙂